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Если закрыты рестораны: ТОП-5 рецептов для гурманов

Если закрыты рестораны: ТОП-5 рецептов для гурманов

Как правило, в ресторанах мы заказываем те блюда, которые нам кажутся сложными в домашнем приготовлении. Однако, если тоскуете по любимому блюду безмерно, а возможности пойти в ресторан нет, то самое время отважиться и наконец научиться готовить самые топовые позиции ресторанов.

What You’ll Need To Make Caesar Salad Dressing

how to make caesar salad

Instead of whole anchovies, I use anchovy paste — makes it easy, especially if you’re squeamish about anchovies (just hold your nose and add it in; the dressing needs every last bit to taste like the real deal!)

For the cheese, it’s important to use imported Parmigiano-Reggiano from Italy; domestic Parmesan pales in comparison. You can always tell if it’s authentic by looking at the rind, which is embossed with the name over and over. If the cheese is already grated, it should be labeled “Parmigiano-Reggiano,” not “Parmesan.”

LOW CAL version!!

Just in case you’re reading all this but dreading the calorie count you’ll see when you scroll down to the recipe – DON’T WORRY! Here’s a (much) lower calorie Yogurt Caesar Salad Dressing.

All the flavour, but made with a yogurt base instead of mayonnaise so it won’t have that same rich mouthfeel. But still creamy, same depth of flavour – and a whole lot healthier!

Close up of jar with Healthy Caesar salad Dressing (no mayo yoghurt dressing)

Can you even tell that this is the low fat version?? NOPE!

Spoon drizzling Healthy Caesar salad Yogurt Dressing on salad

And after all of that, all those pots and pans you’ve dirtied – you get to munch your way through one of the greatest salads ever invented.

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That fresh crisp lettuce. The crunchy garlic croutons. The salty pops of bacon. And that creamy homemade Caesar Salad Dressing.

Caesar Salad might take time to make, but it is worth every single second. Really, truly, cross my heart. – Nagi x

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